Nathan Brooks

On September 30th, 1995, Nathan Brooks shot his father in the back. Nathan proceeded to cut his head off with a hacksaw. After seeing his mothers face of fear, he hacked her to death with an axe. Nathan then drug the bodies and severed parts to the cemetery down the road and laid his fathers head in a pentagram. The local police found him next to a wall in the cemetery rocking back and forth and didn't respond to them until they handcuffed him and put him into the back of the police cruiser, They found an alter and a bowl where his father head had rested in an abandoned house nearby. Also, there was a list of 16 schoolmates that he had planned to kill by disemboweling them and burning the flesh off their bodies. Several books of the occult and a biography of Jeffery Dahmer were found in the house as well.

Sheriff Fred Thompson of Belmont County, Ohio stated if it wasn’t for Nathan's brother walking into the house and alerting the police of the blood, he also planned on killing a restaurant full of patrons.

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